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YSAP pamphlet

Pamphlet written about the Young Socialist Alliance Party's platform for the FSU student government elections.

YSAP list of student government candidates

Part of the platform pamphlet printed by the Youth Socialist Alliance for the FSU student government elections.

The Black Voice, April 1977

black voice 1.jpg
The April 1977 edition of The Black Voice, a newspaper published by the Black Student Union that reported on issues concerning black students.

Robert Mitchell and Samuel Mosley

mitchell and mosley tally ho 1970.jpg
Robert Mitchell and Samuel Mosley were the first African Americans to receive their PhD's from FSU.

Reader response to Martin Luther King's Nobel Peace Prize win (Flambeau)

Letters to the editor in response to Martin Luther King, Jr. being awarded the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.

President Marshall with football team.

This is a picture of President Stanley J. Marshall with the FSU football team.

Petition for integration of off-campus restaurants (Flambeau)

This is a petition for the integration of off-campus restaurants that was printed in the December 12, 1963 edition of the Florida Flambeau.

Paul Brown's response to Ron Seibel's letter to the editor (Flambeau)

nov 2 1964.jpg
This is a letter to the editor titled "Reviews Caustic Letter, Makes Offer" that was printed in the November 2, 1964 edition of the Florida Flambeau.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and 'Sweetheart' Doby Flowers

1969 Tally Ho.jpg
1969 Tally Ho yearbook page showing the members, officers and 'Sweetheart' of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

Notice from Dean Oglesby

october 2 1963.jpg
A request from Dean Oglesby to the students of FSU to not get involved with the race-related demonstrations around Tallahassee, especially those that might result in violence.