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"'Holiday' Protests Conditions"

november 28 1966.jpg
This article describes the "Freedom Schools" set up by FSU and FAMU students to protest the segregation and poor conditions of Leon County grade schools.

"200 Blacks Confront Marshall" (Flambeau)

A newspaper article describing the circumstances that led 200 black students to hold a "talk-in" in university President Stanley Marshall's office for about 90 minutes. The students gathered to demand amnesty for two black students who had been…

"71 Percent Negroes Enjoy School Holiday" (Flambeau)

november 29 1966.jpg
Article describes the strike of segregated county grade schools by Tallahassee parents and university students, in objection to the county's failure to desegregate or improve school conditions.

"A New Look at Black Culture" (Tallahassee Democrat)

This is an article titled "A New Look At Black Culture" that was published in the Tallahassee Democrat.

"Americans First" (Flambeau)

Oct 23 1962.jpg
This is an opinion column titled "Americans First" published in the October 23, 1962 edition of the Florida Flambeau.

"An Average Guy"

Max Courtney June 1965 Smoke Signals Interview.jpg
June 1965 Interview from "Smoke Signals" magazine with Max Courtney.

"Black Cheerleader Claims Discrimination" (Flambeau)

A newspaper article reporting the claim that an FSU student was cut from the cheerleading squad because of her race.

"Black Joins Squad" (Flambeau)

Announces an opportunity for black women to join the FSU cheerleading squad, an attempt by the cheerleaders to have their squad better represent the student body.

"Black Liberation and Class Struggle"

This is a Students for a Democratic Society event flyer titled "Black Liberation and Class Struggle."

"Black Studies Courses" (Flambeau), March 7, 1969

Announcement for the new Black Studies curriculum and a list of the courses to be offered.