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This page includes Editor Sam Miller's article "Senate, BSU Meet: List 31 Proposals," which recounts a special meeting of the Faculty Senate with the Black Student Union.

The first black cheerleader to make the squad at FSU, Gayle Andrews, compares her technique with the Head Cheerleader Charlotte Baker.

An advertisement to vote for John Burt for the position of Men's Vice President.

The yearbook picture of Fred Flowers, one of the first African Americans to enroll at FSU.

Photograph of Bobby E. Leach, FSU's highest-ranking black administrator from 1978-1988.

The senior photograph of Carmena Greene Bostic, one of the first black women to graduate from Florida State University in 1967.

The April 1977 edition of The Black Voice, a newspaper published by the Black Student Union that reported on issues concerning black students.

Photograph of Doby Flowers, who became FSU's first black Homecoming Queen in 1970.

This article describes the measures taken by Tallahassee courts after students violated a picketing rule.

A request from Dean Oglesby to the students of FSU to not get involved with the race-related demonstrations around Tallahassee, especially those that might result in violence.