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"FSU Blacks Stage Protest" (Flambeau)

Photograph of a black student holding a protest sign, "Stop Now!! Discriminatory Actions on FSU's Campus Or ELSE!!!!??" Item includes caption.

"Black Joins Squad" (Flambeau)

Announces an opportunity for black women to join the FSU cheerleading squad, an attempt by the cheerleaders to have their squad better represent the student body.

A Tribute to Dr. Bobby E. Leach

A tribute written for the dedication of the Dr. Bobby E. Leach Center. The tribute highlights Dr. Leach's career as the highest-ranking African American in the FSU administration.

"Doby FSU's Queen" (Flambeau)

Covers the historic win of FSU's first black Homecoming Queen, Doby Flowers.

Bobby E. Leach

A photograph of Dr. Bobby E. Leach.

"Black Studies Courses" (Flambeau), March 7, 1969

Announcement for the new Black Studies curriculum and a list of the courses to be offered.

"Black Studies" (Flambeau Editorial)

This editorial highlights the hard work of the Afro-American Student Union to start the Black Studies program at FSU, as well as the expected outcomes of the new program.

Florida Flambeau editorials, Oct. 2, 1963

A series of editorial articles about the injustices and discrimination that black students in Tallahassee faced in the 1960s, including discrimination in the restaurants surrounding the FSU campus.

Calvin Patterson

Photograph of the first African American man to accept a football scholarship to attend FSU.

Front Page of Florida Flambeau, Feb. 12, 1970

This page includes the article "Black Affairs Commission Named," which covers the formation of a Faculty Senate committee to identify minority student problems and recommend the appropriate actions.